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Cloud Deployment Success with Panduit

IT executives are always looking for ways to do more with less. They are challenged to bring services into production quickly, maximizing ROI and providing a dynamic workload environment. Cloud computing enables this – delivering simpler implementation and maintenance, improved agility, and reduced costs.

Results from a recent IDG Research survey of over 100 IT executives reveal that:

  • 39% of respondents are currently using the cloud
  • 48% are evaluating the cloud
  • 24% are using it on an enterprise basis

Migrating data to the cloud, however, is not as simple as many data centre managers imagine. Although the cloud will minimize the amount of hardware data centres will need, companies need to have the right physical infrastructures in place to maximize the benefits of the cloud.

Ensuring A Strong Foundation and Infrastructure for the Cloud

Although virtualization can reduce the number of servers, switches, storage devices, and other hardware needed, data centres still need to have a solid base. Without that foundational infrastructure – including cables, cabinets, and racks – payback from cloud computing will be reduced.

Companies that fail to make investments in their physical infrastructure experience negative side effects including:

  • Increased costs (55% of respondents)
  • Slower implementation times (41%)
  • Increased power and cooling needs (38%)

Those still considering and evaluating cloud computing were more likely to report higher power and cooling needs than those already on the cloud.

Benefits of Planning for the Cloud

Finding solutions to prepare a data centre’s infrastructure for the cloud can bring benefits including:

  • Reducing unplanned outages
  • Minimizing costs for infrastructure and management
  • Boosting the time made available for strategic activities
  • Faster provisioning
  • Reducing infrastructure complexity
  • Enhancing operational controls
  • Improving confidence in layer-one stability
  • Having a documented, approved provisioning process

Panduit Helps You Do More on the Cloud

Panduit provides industry-leading intelligent data centre solutions – delivering design and advisory services, energy-efficient cabinets, Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM), preconfigured infrastructures, High-Speed Data Transport (HSDT), and a foundation for physical infrastructures. Panduit’s solutions streamline and simplify the process of specifying, designing, installing, and managing complex physical infrastructures needed for cloud computing:

  • Panduit Infrastructure Design Services: Panduit bases its services on a solid understanding of your IT architecture and business objectives, in addition to industry expertise, best practices, and more.
  • Physical Infrastructure Manager™ (PIM™): Being able to maintain real-time visibility as you move to the cloud is critical. PIM is an enterprise-class DCIM tool that lets you manage allocation, asset tracking, and utilization information.
  • PanView IQ™ (PViQ™): This enables data centre managers to easily and proactively manage capacities.

Planning and preparing for your move to the cloud will ensure a seamless transition and quicker returns on your investment.

Activo provides cloud solutions for businesses of any size that maximize efficiency, productivity, storage, security, and cost savings. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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