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How to Optimize Data Center Energy Efficiency [Whitepaper]

It’s no secret – data centers face ongoing challenges as technology changes and demand soars. Keeping up with big data, cloud computing, and the need for increased energy efficiency are all crucial to data center success.

According to the IDC, energy consumption per server is growing by 9% per year globally. More customers are relying more often on data centers to handle more data. Furthermore, cloud computing and big data both require a large amount of processing power.

Database Energy EfficiencyThese pressures will only become more pronounced as the demands on data centers grow. To remain competitive, they must invest in long term optimizations and efficiency.

Panduit, a leader in Data Center solutions, provides a whitepaper that thoroughly explores these issues. The whitepaper also offers a solution for managing and optimizing the modern data center.

download-PDF Click here to download the whitepaper: Optimizing the Energy Efficiency of the Modern Data Center.

SmartZone™ Solutions from Panduit

Panduit’s SmartZone™ is a software suite that monitors data center infrastructure metrics in real-time and makes sure users and user access are complaint with regulatory requirements.

Once sources of energy inefficiencies are identified and corrected, this software ensures that the data center maintains those improvements.

With its intelligent software and devices, SmartZone™ provides direct visibility into:

  • Process documentation of IT assets, moves, adds, and changes (MACs)
  • Power consumption, temperature, and humidity measurement of active equipment
  • Precise location and utilization data for assets and connections
  • Centralized monitoring of IT assets through a single platform
  • Underutilized assets and resources
  • Unauthorized patch field changes
  • Potential physical network security breaches
  • Root cause analysis of physical network problems
  • Capacity limits

Data centers that consume less power and optimize the power they are using will reduce energy costs and be able to keep up with demand over the long term.

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