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Industry Applications of IP-Based Video, Access Control and Business Intelligence Systems


Improve customer experience and reduce theft with IP video and access control. You can analyze customer traffic, set up alerts and remotely monitor customer behavior to make better merchandising, staffing and layout decisions. IP devices are easily integrated with POS and EAS systems and allows remote and local monitoring at any time, from any place. This allows for safe and helpful two-way communication in businesses such as a gas station. You can combine people counting, integrated alarm functionality and register monitoring for an immediate response to security concerns.

Hospitality and Property Management

Enhance customer safety, save time and protect assets with IP video and access control. Use built-in video intelligence to trigger alarms based on problematic behavior (loitering, motion, person laying on ground, etc). If you manage multiple properties, remotely monitor their internal and external conditions from any location and inspect if vendors have fulfilled their obligations (snowplowing, landscaping, repairs, etc.) If you have members or regular clientele, license plate recognition technology can immediately notify you in advance of their arrival. Conversely, they can alert security to undesirable visitors. Monitor traffic to reduce congestion and improve queuing times.


From day-care centers to universities, the combination of IP video and access control systems offer unprecedented capabilities to deter vandalism and increase safety for staff and students. Quickly locate access card users and coordinate video to confirm identity. Use video intelligence to give security operators powerful tools to support action and avoid false alarms. Monitor parking authorization with license plate recognition.


Remotely monitor manufacturing lines and processes. Use video for performance enhancement of automated production systems, incident detection and perimeter security.


IP video can help you deter crime and protect the public. In emergencies, IP cameras can help police or firefighters quickly focus their action. IP cameras provide razor-sharp detailed surveillance and offer motion detection capabilities. They can operate over both wired and wireless networks, are ideal and extremely cost-effective tools to promote the security that ensures safer cities.


IP video and access control offer intelligent, cost-effective patient monitoring solutions that increase the safety and security of staff, patients and visitors, as well as property. Authorized hospital security staff can view live video from multiple locations, detect activity, provide remote assistance, and much more.

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