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Intelligent Video Surveillance is Helping Companies Be Safer and More Productive

Intelligent video surveillance is smart security. An intelligent video surveillance system is able to make sense of what it sees and records, and then analyze the data based on given parameters. For example, the system could be taught to send an alarm when it observes certain suspicious behaviours, such as someone climbing a wall or loitering behind the counter.

From 2013 to 2020, the intelligent video surveillance, VCA, and video analytics industry is expected to experience increasing momentum, according to a report by Homeland Security Research. The industry, which had global revenues of only $13.5 billion in 2012, is estimated to generate $39 billion in 2020 – almost tripling in 8 years.

This forecasted growth will be influenced by a variety of intersecting factors. The increasing use and reliance on digital technology is a key contributor. More organizations and businesses are using video surveillance, and they are migrating from analog cameras to digital and IP-based cameras.

As technology advances, the trajectory of progress yields increasingly intelligent and sophisticated capabilities. The past decade of advancement for video analytics algorithms, processors, applications, and products has led to a new breed of technology with intelligent video processing, such as automatic detection of signatures and enhanced identification abilities. These technologies are becoming more accessible and affordable, as the cost of video analytic systems declines.

It is going to become essential for organizations to use intelligent video surveillance and analytics in the coming years, which will drive the industry’s growth.

New cutting-edge video analytics technologies have improved cost-performance and ROI when compared to human operators. Analysis of real-time and recorded video footage cannot be effectively handled by human operators, who are costly to employ and result in a high rate of overlooked events due to fatigue, boredom, and too many incoming video feeds. Intelligent video surveillance and analysis technologies do not grow weary, tired, or bored with faced with a repetitive task.

Furthermore, the sheer amount of recorded video surveillance-hours is going to make it impractical for human operators to process it. By 2011, 1.4 trillion video-hours were captured worldwide. This number will reach 3.3 trillion by 2020, which would require an unwieldy amount of worker-hours to review. The answer, then, will be intelligent video surveillance technology.

Intelligent video surveillance and analytic technology is progressively becoming better than humans at accurately perceiving security threats. It is also an entirely scalable solution, whereas using traditional human operators requires training additional employees to monitor increasing numbers of security feeds.

The future of security technology is intelligent.

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