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New Area Codes to Come to Ontario Over the Next Year

Over the next year new area codes will be coming to Ontario, Québec, Manitoba and British Columbia, Canada.

Changes will be to the current numbers below:

819 area code in Québec
204 area code in Manitoba
905 area code in Ontario
289 area code in Ontario
416 area code in Ontario
647 area code in Ontario
250 area codes in British Columbia
604 area codes in British Columbia
778 area codes in British Columbia

Manitoba will be adopting a 10-digit dialing system starting this July 29, 2012.

The Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) made this decision because of the increased demand for communications services and the shortage of available numbers. This change will open up one million new telephone numbers.

Some Key highlights of the new area codes include:

• Only new telephone numbers are affected by this addition
• Existing telephone numbers keep the same area code and do not change in any way
• Local calling areas remain the same
• The 9-1-1 emergency number remains a three-digit number throughout the area

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