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See What Real Customers Say about Corning’s Optical Cables [Video]

You know how important cabling infrastructure is for achieving a strong, reliable network. Fibre-optic cables are an ideal option for large bandwidth demands and high speed connections.

The capabilities of optical cables are particularly suitable for enterprise networks, business networks, and data centers. Whenever you need a robust network that can handle a lot of data quickly, Corning optical cables can get the job done.

But don’t just take our word for it!

Corning recently published a video from NAB 2015, where they interview customers about how optical cables have benefited them.

Here are just some of the comments:

“Corning cables are really good for our users because we get to have our computers in a different location so that our control rooms can be more quiet, and also we can get less heat. … Also because of the high bandwidth, we can have our ray drives and our displays all routed through these Corning cables.”

  • Daniel Y.

“Life became a lot happier when Thunderbolt™ cables arrived.”

  • Horacio M.

“The thing I find really interesting is the idea of being able to move just tremendous amounts of data over really long lengths.”

  • Peter B.

Watch the Video

Check out this video from Corning at NAB 2015 to hear all of the feedback about their optical cables!

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