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4 Opportunities for Voice over IP to Enhance Reachability

An op-ed piece on Telecom Reseller, a news source for unified communications (UC), voice, cloud, collaboration, and mobility technologies, discusses how VoIP can make the unreachable reachable.

The article elaborates on 4 major opportunities for VoIP to expand its influence:

1. New wholesale services in Europe to connect a VoIP caller via PSTN to the closet emergency center.

One major hindrance to the spread of VoIP is the European regulatory requirement for access to emergency services. Many businesses in Europe are staying on a traditional phone line for this reason, despite the increased savings and capabilities offered by VoIP.

Fortunately, a new option has emerged: wholesale services that support access to emergency services from one IP-based interconnection. It’s fast and compatible with any SIP service platform.

2. Locations where broadband is available but cellular coverage is poor or expensive.

VoIP can be used on cell phones instead of accessing a cellular network. This means that in locations where the cellular coverage is problematic (whether due to cost or quality), a VoIP system is the superior option.

3. Locations where broadband is available but PSTN lines are unavailable or expensive.

Running PSTN phone lines can be expensive, particularly for customers in rural areas. Having reliable broadband in those areas will make VoIP the inexpensive and obvious choice for these customers.

According to the article, many governments are providing incentives for broadband providers to expand their coverage, increasing the opportunity for VoIP to address these markets.

4. Desire for geographically-independent phone numbers that can follow a business or person regardless of location.

Changing a company phone number is a hassle. Business cards, email signatures, directories, and so on, all need to be updated. VoIP provides an easier solution by offering a phone number that is not tied to any specific location or provider. Businesses (or individuals) can relocate while retaining their number.

“As successful as VoIP has been, it’s only scratched the surface of what’s possible. Making the unreachable reachable is key for taking the opportunity to the next level.”

These factors provide significant opportunities for VoIP to expand its ever-growing influence.

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