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Cisco’s IP Phone 8800 Series Offers a Full Suite of Voice Communication Features

Cisco’s IP Phone 8800 series is the next-generation IP phone. Available in 6 models, they are designed for businesses of any size and deliver cost-effective, secure, reliable, and high-quality voice communications.

Key Features of the 8800 Series

  • Industry-leading audio quality, including vibration isolation technology (for microphones and speakers) and ETSI compliancy for echo cancellation.
  • Rounded keys result in fewer misdials
  • A widescreen, backlit display guaranteeing easy viewing in any light
  • New software making notifications and menus more visually appealing
  • Cisco’s Intelligent Proximity for Mobile Voice, supported on 4 models
  • Proprietary Expansion Modules providing 36 or more additional line or feature keys in addition to the standard 5.
  • Support can be offered on-premises, through the Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS), or a hybrid approach.

Benefits of Cisco’s 8800 Series

  • Bring your team together and make decisions faster with affordable HD video (720p with select models).
  • Make collaboration easy with leading-edge voice-over-IP features and crystal-clear audio quality.
  • Increase overall productivity by integrating your desktop and personal mobile devices. With Cisco’s Intelligent Proximity for Mobile Voice, users can sync call histories and contacts, and even move audio from one device to another in real time during a call.
  • Maximize flexibility with on-premises cloud services, third-party call-control deployment, and more.

Cisco’s 8800 Series Guarantees Superior Performance

The 8800 series includes 6 advanced models available in white or charcoal, providing 5 lines and supporting both on-premise and remote employees. All feature a widescreen (5inch/127mm) graphical display and most support colour. Gigabit Ethernet comes standard on each phone, reducing administration requirements.

Select models deliver 720p HD video, support 802, provide USB and Bluetooth connections to support third-party headphones, and let users connect their professional and personal devices to share contacts, transfer audio, and more.

The conferencing endpoint provides 360-degree coverage for small-to-large conference rooms and offices (up to 1140 square feet/109 metres in size with up to 42 participants). It features two-way, full-duplex wideband audio, a wired control panel, and options for wireless or wired operation.

Cisco’s IP Phone 8800 Series is the all-in-one solution. It delivers easy-to-use, high-quality HD video and cost-effective voice communications for any business, whatever its needs.

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