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Data Center Convergence [Video]

Data centers tend to be an irreplaceable hub of essential business information, whether for processing, remote storage, or distribution to different branches of the business. Whether the infrastructure is physical or virtual, the computers, servers, and networking systems satisfy extremely demanding business requirements.

CommScope Delivers Fully Optimized Data Centers

A key player in cable TV infrastructure, the first wireless networks, and the first data centers, among other achievements, CommScope® is a global leader in designing, building, and managing wired and wireless networks. The company delivers solutions that help organizations worldwide boost bandwidth, improve network performance, and simplify technology migrations.

CommScope brings a true understanding of data centers solutions and how to build and optimize a data center to be efficient, agile, cost-effective, and ready for whatever the future has in store.

Benefits of Data Center Convergence

At the center of the business, data centers are dynamic systems that must continually evolve. Mobility, cloud computing, and other technological advances are helping to drive data centers toward innovative new transformations, such as converged infrastructures (also known as integrated systems or unified computing systems).

Converged infrastructures (CI) increase business efficiency and turn data centers into a true network rather than just a place to process data. Convergence reduces compatibility conflicts between systems ranging from servers to networked devices, and even storage. Cost benefits may also be realized, with less need for floor space, power, cooling, cables, and other expenses.

This video by Ciaran Forde, Vice President Data Center Solutions at CommScope, explains key data center trends in greater detail:

Activo is a proud CommScope partner with the expertise to design, build, and implement effective data center solutions. Contact us to get started!

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