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IP Access Control Systems and Solutions

A new world of opportunity is emerging with internet protocol (IP) access control systems combined with IP camera systems.

IP Access Control

An IP access controller is an security device used to identify a set list of users entering and exiting specific controlled points from protected areas. Access controllers provide for building, staff and asset safety, as well as gathering a providing useful data that can be collected. IP controllers do not need a terminal server and can connect directly to LAN/Wan and have the necessary inputs for controlling readers, locks and monitoring door inputs, which is very different from the previously used serial controllers.

Activo offers a range of IP Access Control products and solutions which are designed to run on your IP network infrastructure. A networked system can give you the advantage of central control, event reporting and flexible control over user access. Each control unit is part of a network but can run independently making its own decisions and logging events. Access points can be controlled on location or remotely if needed.

Activo offers you the choice to power your IP Access Control using a Power over Ethernet (PoE) system, which gets rid of the need for a power supply at each access location and also allows for lower installation and maintenance costs and does not lose power in the event of a blackout.

Some advantages to incorporating IP Access Control Systems include:

  • Scalability and Flexibility- The ability to add to an already existing communication set-up, which in return will lower lifetime costs. Scale the system as needed
  • Remote accessibility – Users can access real-time video at any time from any authorized computer anywhere
  • Storage- Video and data can be stored at remote locations for convenience and security, and the information can be transported over the LAN or Internet
  • Once on an IP setup, the number of controllers that you use can also be increased
  • Transferring larger amounts of data can be done at full network speed, allowing for greater security measures and more complex databases to be put into use
  • Database collection for uses such as time and attendance reporting
  • Larger databases also allow for biometric integration
  • Emergency integration such as intruder alerts
  • Hand free controlled access of gates and perimeters

Combining IP CCTV and IP Access Control

Activo delivers new capabilities in IP-based video surveillance (CCTV) and electronic access control that ease the convergence of information technology (IT) and physical security by allowing customers to integrate with existing physical security systems and IT infrastructures.

Together, IP video surveillance and access control, offerings enhance situational awareness for making appropriate decisions on security actions. We help enable customers to establish cost-effective, modular physical security infrastructures that are best-in-class and inter-operable. These physical security solutions support Activo’s vision of offering a single unified security system that enables users to integrate all security operations within the IP network. Utilizing the network as a scalable platform for integrating security provides businesses with several benefits, such as operational flexibility, greater protection capabilities, lower cost of ownership, and reduced risk.

Physical security is becoming tightly woven into the fabric of the IP network. The network is the platform for connecting physical security systems of all types with other enterprise systems. This development helps bring the promise of converged security to life.


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