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Meru Networks Hosted Tech Field Day on August 9th

Our partner, Meru Networks, hosted a two hour event called Tech Field Day on August 9th 2013 to discuss and share information about exciting upcoming IT products.

Tech Field Day, run by Gestalt IT, is a forum that brings together IT product vendors, experts, and thought leaders to meet and share ideas about technology and communications. Attendees gain beneficial insight into leading-edge information and new technologies in the marketplace.

Meru Networks’ live broadcast featured experts discussing a variety of innovative tech products, including 802.11ac, MobileFlex, and Identity Manager.

Here is a bit of information about these great technologies:

As we’ve previously discussed, 802.11ac is the new wireless standard. It builds upon the WLAN standard that is currently dominant, 802.11n. 802.11ac will be able to support businesses as the number of applications and devices continues to expand, requiring increasing amounts of bandwidth (known as the BYOD trend).

MobileFLEX is Meru’s unified network architecture that helps mobile warriors get their jobs done. It provides them with reliable service while out of office, while allowing business owners to deploy and scale the network as required. With MobileFLEX, you receive a suite of network management software that is easy to use and helps you determine which devices (guest or employee) can access your network from where.

Meru’s Identity Manager is a software platform that helps companies simplify guest and employee device access to their networks. In light of the BYOD trend, this kind of technology is becoming increasingly necessary to manage wireless connectivity. This software reduces IT workload, ensures a seamless end-user experience, and allows policy and role-based provisioning of access to your wireless.

Meru’s Tech Field Day was a fantastic event. We look forward to seeing them host similar events in the future!

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