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Many organisations today find themselves shifting towards a BYOD (bring your own device) culture that demands more from the voice and communication systems we rely on—more accessible applications, more rapid connections, and more seamless communications. To make the most of this trend, you need mobility solutions that are fully integrated as part of a holistic UC solution.

Activo works with the biggest names in the industry—Cisco, Avaya, and Mitel—to provide the in-demand mobility offerings and applications your teams need. These make it simple for users to move their discussions and collaborations to the endpoint of their choice whether that is their cellphone, tablet, laptop, or another device.

Mobility Services

  • SIP Mobile Applications
  • WiFi Endpoints
  • Dect Phones

Voice and Collaboration Services

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Mobility Partners

Mobility Key Considerations

What benefits can enabling mobility bring to my organization?

Mobility holds a host of promises for workforces of today and tomorrow including:

  • Increased productivity
  • Optimized use of space
  • Reduced energy consumption

To learn more about implementing mobility solutions for your organization, contact Activo.

How can I maintain security while increasing mobility?

Mobility solutions from leading manufacturers like Cisco have been engineered with security top of mind and can allow you to set access parameters, monitor user behaviour, and proactively contain threats.

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Integrated Technologies & Networks

We build your network, putting the necessary hardware, software, network, and controls in place to make systems work harmoniously together.

Future-Ready Infrastructures

The Age of the Information Society is turning disparate platforms into interconnected, interoperable, and smart networks. We work with you to ensure you are able to take full advantage of emerging trends.

Lifecycle Support

Our highly trained and certified technicians monitor, maintain, and enhance your networking infrastructures throughout their lifecycles—saving you time and money while minimizing risk.

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