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Virtualized unified communications have the potential to deliver the best of both worlds, enabling organizations to ensure full functionality while being able to scale rapidly without needing to invest significantly in infrastructure.

Activo works with industry leaders like Cisco, Avaya, and Mitel to bring you the best, most innovative UC virtualization solutions.
As a network systems integrator, we provide end-to-end support—consulting with you to determine the virtualized UC solution that will best meet your needs, installing and setting up the required infrastructure and applications, integrating each component as part of one unified and coherent system, and supporting the environment throughout its lifecycle.

Virtualization Services

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Voice and Collaboration Services

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Virtualization Key Considerations

What can and can’t be virtualized?

Today, every aspect of your unified communications platform, both real-time (conferencing, call centre applications, etc.) and non-real-time (voicemail, unified messaging, etc.), can be virtualized.

What are the benefits of virtualized unified communications?

  • Improving communication and collaboration among and between teams
  • Reducing both operational as well as capital expenses
  • Streamlining day-to-day management and administration
  • Automate deployments and updates
  • Boosting productivity
  • Strengthening security

If I want to virtualize one or a few parts of my UC ecosystem, does that mean everything needs to be virtualized?

In short, no it doesn’t. Depending on your needs, we can architect a hybrid solution that virtualizes select elements of your UC system while maintaining others on-premises.

What types of businesses is virtualized UC suitable for?

One of the best things about virtualization is that it opens the door for organizations of all types and sizes—small, medium, or large—to take full advantage of comprehensive, powerful UC solutions.

Why Choose Us?

Integrated Technologies & Networks

We build your network, putting the necessary hardware, software, network, and controls in place to make systems work harmoniously together.

Future-Ready Infrastructures

The Age of the Information Society is turning disparate platforms into interconnected, interoperable, and smart networks. We work with you to ensure you are able to take full advantage of emerging trends.

Lifecycle Support

Our highly trained and certified technicians monitor, maintain, and enhance your networking infrastructures throughout their lifecycles—saving you time and money while minimizing risk.

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