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Multi-Touch is on the Rise

Multi-touch simply refers to a surface, such as a touchscreen, that recognizes more than one point of touch. We see them everywhere, on our tablets and mobile phones. They are also becoming more prevalent in emerging technologies such as touch tables or touch walls.

An article on entitled “What is Multi-Touch and Why Should You Care?” discusses the importance of the growing multi-touch trend. is an IT community and research blogging website, offering the latest insights into various technology topics.

The articles points to the fact that multi-touch represents a shift in the way we communicate. Technology is increasingly intuitive and responsive, with newer devices able to recognize our gestures and movements with a greater degree of accuracy than previous models. Devices are easier to navigate and have less of a barrier to entry.

“Multi-touch will only get better and more useful as we leave keyboards and mice behind in favor of all manner of screens and touch environments.

Do you think that the evolution of technology means leaving mice and keyboards behind in favor of more responsive technologies? Or do you think mice and keyboards will always have a place?

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