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Overcoming Barriers to In-Building Wireless Connectivity [Infographic]

by Kevin Gillingham | Feb 28, 2017

shutterstock_157266884Almost 80% of mobile traffic comes from within a building, and yet only 2% of commercial buildings have the right technology to allow strong, reliable in-building mobile connections. With more and more mobile devices joining the market each day, “anywhere connectivity” is rapidly becoming the expected norm.

Some challenges businesses might need to address in making on-the-go infrastructures a reality include:

  • Costs associated with creating dedicated networks to accommodate growing numbers of devices.
  • Complexity of technologies.
  • Lack of native expertise and skill.
  • A perceived absence of need from within the organization.

Ultimately increasing mobile connectivity will enable companies drive their productivity and growth, performing, competing, and succeeding on a worldwide scale.

Check out this infographic from CommScope to see how (and why) your business can make in-building mobile connectivity a future-forward priority:
Wireless In Buildings: Overcoming The Barriers To Indoor Connectivity Download this Infographic

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