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Is AT&T Planning to Change the Way They Bill For Data Usage?

by Kevin Gillingham | Mar 21, 2012

AT&T is looking for new ways to increase revenue from their smartphone, tablet and other bandwidth hogging device users. Because there is a of a lack of uniformity with wireless networks and a growing popularity for bandwidth-consuming mobile applications (Apps), AT&T might have found a way to charge app developers that offer heavy bandwidth usage […]

Gain Control While Satisfying User Demand and Avoiding BYOD Madness

by Kevin Gillingham | Feb 28, 2012

Activo recently partnered up with Meru Networks on a large project for Columbia College to install a comprehensive wireless network with approx 150 access points. We have completed installation on both teaching campuses Ainsliewood and Maple Hall and are in the process of installing wireless infrastructure systems on three more locations. 1.9 billion Wi-Fi devices are […]

IP Access Control Systems and Solutions

by Kevin Gillingham | Feb 23, 2012

A new world of opportunity is emerging with internet protocol (IP) access control systems combined with IP camera systems. IP Access Control An IP access controller is an security device used to identify a set list of users entering and exiting specific controlled points from protected areas. Access controllers provide for building, staff and asset […]

Industry Applications of IP-Based Video, Access Control and Business Intelligence Systems

by Kevin Gillingham | Feb 19, 2012

Retail Improve customer experience and reduce theft with IP video and access control. You can analyze customer traffic, set up alerts and remotely monitor customer behavior to make better merchandising, staffing and layout decisions. IP devices are easily integrated with POS and EAS systems and allows remote and local monitoring at any time, from any […]

Activo’s New Design and Experience

by Kevin Gillingham | Feb 17, 2012

Activo wants to make sure your experience with us is as great and informative as it can be. In that spirit, we would like to introduce you to the new Activo website and blog. All the great resources Activo has offered in the past are still here, we have just made it easier to find […]

What is an IP- Based Camera and Video System?

by Kevin Gillingham | Feb 15, 2012

There are many benefits to having an IP based video network Set-up costs and equipment are now available at competitive rates allowing companies to have a comprehensive security package which includes cost-effective installation, remote video monitoring, improved storage, and a host of other benefits suiting their individual needs. Live network camera feeds are available in […]

Slash Phone Costs with the Power of SIP Trunks

by Kevin Gillingham | Jan 17, 2012

With a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trunk system, companies can instantly reduce communication costs by up to 40% in comparison to a traditional communication plan. By combining data and voice traffic onto one network using existing bandwidth to its maximum potential voice quality is able to maintain its integrity. Can SIP Saves You Money? A […]

Don’t Pay for Phone Lines Year Round if You have Seasonal Peaks. CAP & GROW.

by Kevin Gillingham | Dec 24, 2011

While instant financial benefits of SIP Trunks make them worth adopting as a primary means of voice communication, if your business has seasonal call volumes, you can save even more. Activo can implement a Cap and Grow Strategy that allows companies with seasonal call volumes to use SIP Trunks to accommodate the additional phone capacity […]