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6 Ways Technology is Driving a Digital Evolution in Education [Infographic]

Now more than ever, schools and universities around the world are coming to understand the value of digital transformation in education. Smart buildings and interconnected infrastructures enable people to reimagine what it means to be on a campus or in a classroom—whether they’re staff, faculty, students, or researchers.

What Is Making These Changes Possible?

We’ve been talking about intelligent buildings for more than thirty years, but now we’re seeing them actually take shape in ways we couldn’t have imagined three decades ago. Today it’s about realizing the potential of the fourth utility—information and communication technology—in revolutionizing the ways we design and build the physical spaces that surround us.

In the past, networks were designed and installed independently. This resulted in numerous overbuilds and system-wide inefficiencies. Intelligent buildings use a common network infrastructure to provide economies of scale, better management, and overall integration for organizations around the world. These new infrastructures can be deployed in a range of ways (including centralized high density, decentralized low density, or a hybrid/tiered mixed density architectures) to suit individual needs.

Digital buildings make use of existing and emerging technologies like:

  • Power over Ethernet (PoE), which enables a single cable to provide both a data connection and electric power. PoE brings a range of benefits including greater flexibility, cost savings, simplicity, safety, scalability, and more.
  • Digital LED Lighting powered by PoE and other edge devices. Smart lighting can help you to do things like harvest daylight, manage lights via the network, and reduce energy consumption by as much as fifty percent.
  • Structured cabling provides a standardized, compartmentalized infrastructure to deliver predictable performance, maximize flexibility, reduce network redundancies, and future-proof the system.
  • Automated infrastructure management overseeing every aspect of the physical layer. It offers real-time documentation, connectivity mapping, and is fully compliant with leading industry standards.

The evolution of digital buildings is something we’re incredibly excited about at Activo. Working with our customers across a range of industries (education included), we’ve seen for ourselves how digital buildings can truly transform the ways people use their networks to make their organizations more efficient, productive, and sustainable.


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