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Canada Raised the Most Funds for Movember in 2014! [Video]

The final tally for this year’s Movember campaign has come in – with Canada topping the leaderboard!

Canada raised the most funds for Movember in 2014, with its 115,320 registrants contributing a huge total of $21,733,953 toward men’s health research and awareness.

The Movember Foundation is working with talented scientists and specialists throughout the world to achieve their top two goals: 1) advance treatment to prevent deaths from prostate and testicular cancer, and 2) eliminate the stigma and discrimination against men and boys with mental health problems. Learn more about Movember’s programs and goals here.

At Activo, we’re proud to have been a part of this amazing initiative. Our Mo Activo team of just 5 members raised $1,550 this year!

Thank you to everyone who supported Mo Activo – we couldn’t have done it without you. All of your donations are making a big difference to the face of men’s health.

These are certainly mo-tivating numbers, and we’re excited to see what next Movember brings.

Check out this Movember highlight reel put together by Movember Canada!

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