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“Better-than-Being-There” Video Collaboration with Cisco [Video]

Next-generation video collaboration can transform your business.

When colleagues, business associates, and clients are spread across different locations (sometimes across the globe), video conferencing and collaboration technologies can have a huge impact. Suddenly, it becomes easy to schedule meetings, share media, impress clients, and so much more!

Video collaboration is becoming an essential part of the business world as the workforce becomes increasingly mobile and spread out.

Cisco’s new video collaboration technologies allow you and your employees to collaborate with anyone at any time. They’re easy to afford, easy to integrate, easy to manage, and easy to use.

Video Collaboration Benefits

  • Improve speed of communication, thereby improving decision-making
  • Create meaningful connections between people in different time-zones
  • Build understanding through face-to-face communication and sharing tools
  • Reduce the need for travel, minimizing travel costs and environmental impact
  • Enable easy information sharing among colleagues, employees, partners, and clients
  • Increase productivity

This video showcases the capabilities of Cisco’s new video collaboration products in action, so check it out!

From browser to boardroom, video collaboration streamlines communications processes, enabling employees to complete their initiatives without added roadblocks.

Cisco TelePresence products are scalable to the needs of your business. Whether you need a personal video collaboration device on the go or you need to transform your boardroom into a collaboration hub, Cisco has a product to match.

download-PDF Click here to download the Cisco TelePresence Product Catalog.

>> As a certified Cisco partner, Activo can design and implement the perfect video collaboration solution for your organization, big or small. Contact us today!

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