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Activo Is Proud to Be Awarded the 2016 Tellabs Partner of the Year – Canada

by Kevin Gillingham | Mar 08, 2017

Activo travelled to Dallas, Texas in February to attend Tellabs’ 2017 Partner Conference, an annual and much anticipated event that gives us a glimpse into the latest products and software developments from Tellabs. This year’s event was special for everyone at Activo, as we were able to celebrate our win as Tellabs’ Partner of the […]

Overcoming Barriers to In-Building Wireless Connectivity [Infographic]

by Kevin Gillingham | Feb 28, 2017

Almost 80% of mobile traffic comes from within a building, and yet only 2% of commercial buildings have the right technology to allow strong, reliable in-building mobile connections. With more and more mobile devices joining the market each day, “anywhere connectivity” is rapidly becoming the expected norm. Some challenges businesses might need to address in […]

IP Traffic to Triple by 2020 as 1 Billion New Users and 10 Billion New Devices Join the Global Internet Community [Infographic]

by Kevin Gillingham | Sep 22, 2016

IP Networks have become essential in today’s business landscape – whether you work in an office, out of your home, at a remote site, or on the road. More than ever before, IP networks need to support an increasing number of users and devices to let people connect, communicate, collaborate, and consume over faster, more […]

The Future Looks Bright with Cisco’s Digital Ceiling

by Kevin Gillingham | Aug 05, 2016

The Internet of Things (IoT) is bringing about changes across a range of industries – connecting people, places, processes, and things to create new opportunities to streamline operations and cut costs. Success means pushing digital intelligence to its limits to enable more accurate, agile infrastructures. Cisco is leading the way with its Digital Ceiling, which […]

Aruba Networks: Ensuring Powerful, High-Speed Wireless Access Points for Crowded Environments

by Kevin Gillingham | Jan 12, 2016

Go anywhere and you will see people glued to their mobile phones and devices. Whether it’s in line at the grocery store, on a commuter train, or throughout a business campus, we are all connected wherever we go. With the number of devices per person only increasing each year, businesses must provide unfaltering wireless connections […]

The 7 Step Checklist for a Successful 802.11ac Wireless Network Implementation [PDF]

by Kevin Gillingham | Jul 07, 2015

IEEE 802.11ac is a new wireless standard that enables faster Wi-Fi connectivity to support the growing needs of businesses across the globe. If you aren’t familiar with 802.11ac, here are some key details: Gigabit speeds: Significantly higher data rates Operates at 5 GHz: More consistent user experience Improved modulation: Adds 256 QAM Integrated beamforming: Interoperability […]

Go All-Wireless and Save (Up to 400%!) [Infographic]

by Kevin Gillingham | Apr 08, 2015

Has your company gone completely wireless? Think about it – employees are accessing your network from all kinds of devices, all over the office space. They aren’t staying at their desks all day, so why worry about paying for pricey switch ports, recurring maintenance for old equipment, and unused infrastructure? Our partner, Aruba Networks, provides […]

Highlights from Cisco’s Visual Networking Index Global Mobile Forecast 2014-2019 [Whitepaper]

by Kevin Gillingham | Feb 20, 2015

IP networks are under increasingly large demands, as we access them from numerous of devices for a wide range of applications, like video, social networking, collaboration and unified communications, and much more. Cisco recently released its 2015 Virtual Networking Index (VNI) Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast for 2014-2019. The forecast tracks the impact of current […]

Activo Helps Columbia International College Improve Communication between Students, Parents, and Faculty [Case Study]

by Kevin Gillingham | Jan 22, 2015

Columbia International College (CIC), located in Hamilton, Ontario, is Canada’s largest private junior and senior boarding school. CIC delivers a student-focused, world-class education experience. The school is growing as it takes in more students from around the world – it now has students from over 70 countries in attendance. This year, the school expanded to […]

Are You Up-to-Date on the Latest Cisco Collaboration Solutions? [Video]

by Kevin Gillingham | Jun 23, 2014

You already know that our partner, Cisco, is the world leader in networking and collaboration technologies, providing innovative communication technology solutions for businesses of all sizes. But what you may not know is how their newest technologies are vastly improving collaboration for companies and IT managers alike! In a worldwide business environment where almost half […]