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Join Activo on May 16th for a Digital Building Technology Seminar, Hosted at the Cisco Toronto Innovation Centre

by Kevin Gillingham | May 04, 2017

Later this month, Activo will be hosting a seminar exploring the future of digital buildings. We’ll bring together leading industry experts to show you how the convergence of building infrastructures and information technology is rapidly transforming the structures, systems, and work environments of organizations around the world and forever changing facility and IT management. Join […]

How the IoT is Changing These 3 Industries [Infographic]

by Kevin Gillingham | Apr 17, 2017

The Internet of Things (IoT) is about more than a dash of automation here and a pinch of mechanization there. It’s about transformations for businesses across the board, enabling companies and individuals to become more responsive, agile, and (ultimately) productive. Cisco, an IoT leader, recently released an infographic focused on how coming technological advances will […]

Building for the Internet of Things (IoT)

by Kevin Gillingham | Mar 22, 2017

The IoT is more than a new trend. It’s a fast-approaching reality that’s already affecting positive and promising change across industries – including building construction, ownership, management, and use. Deloitte University Press recently put together a comprehensive survey exploring how IoT technologies will increase values for real estate companies. We’ve summarized their findings here for […]

Activo Is Proud to Be Awarded the 2016 Tellabs Partner of the Year – Canada

by Kevin Gillingham | Mar 08, 2017

Activo travelled to Dallas, Texas in February to attend Tellabs’ 2017 Partner Conference, an annual and much anticipated event that gives us a glimpse into the latest products and software developments from Tellabs. This year’s event was special for everyone at Activo, as we were able to celebrate our win as Tellabs’ Partner of the […]

Overcoming Barriers to In-Building Wireless Connectivity [Infographic]

by Kevin Gillingham | Feb 28, 2017

Almost 80% of mobile traffic comes from within a building, and yet only 2% of commercial buildings have the right technology to allow strong, reliable in-building mobile connections. With more and more mobile devices joining the market each day, “anywhere connectivity” is rapidly becoming the expected norm. Some challenges businesses might need to address in […]

What Unified Communications Really Means for Your Organization

by Kevin Gillingham | Feb 08, 2017

There are a variety of definitions for unified communications (UC) ranging from technologically-focused understandings to discussions about intra- and inter-team collaboration. But at the heart of each is one central theme: simplifying and streamlining communications for organizations of all sizes around the world. Keep reading to go beyond the definition and find out what UC […]

The 5 Security Trends You Need to Watch for in 2017

by Kevin Gillingham | Jan 30, 2017

Security systems are constantly changing, driven by technological innovations to become more intelligent, secure, and efficient. Whatever type or size of security infrastructure you rely on, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve to keep your business protected. Genetec recently put together an article outlining some of the top security trends we can expect […]

4 Ways You Can Be More Productive at Work

by Kevin Gillingham | Jan 11, 2017

Your office is a hub of activity, but is everyone always there? Between work-related travel, off-site meetings, and flexible scheduling, it can be challenging to architect future-ready communications infrastructures and get everyone in one place. Your teams need to be connected whenever and wherever they’re working to stay on top of the game and drive […]